Referral for joints?!

i finally got referred to see a gynecologist and she seems to think that i do not have endometriosis but that i may have hyper mobility that is causing my pain as i suffer from bsd joints. is there anybody who has had any similar referral as i feel that my bad Bleeding and pain are definitely caused by some sort of gynecological problem. If anyone can help please do as i am quite confused right now! My go also says shed put money on me having endometriosis and that joints shouldnt be contributing to period pain...

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  • This is exactly what happened to me. I was 'diagnosed' with joint hyper mobility a year ago by a physio after the gynae said my symptoms weren't gynae related... And then completely fobbed me off. Fact is, loads of people have joint hypermobility, it is a tiny portion of those people that have really bad joint problems, and being slightly double jointed does not explain the pain in your joints etc. I was diagnosed with endo this Monday after my second lap. The consultant who eventually believed my problems were gynae related actually rolled his eyes when I'd mentioned the hypermobility nonsense being the reason for my pain. My advice is, you know your body! Endo is not even vaguely the same as hypermobility. If it's like me, all the joint pain was in my hips, and that was because of my endo. Keep going for the answer you want. Because it's not fair for you not to have the gynae examinations you deserve.

    Hope you're okay. :) keep strong! x

  • I'm hyper mobile but there's no way it can make my periods 2 weeks long every two weeks! I would get a second opinion if that's what they told me!

  • i have hypermobile joints, mainly shoulders and hips. My gp and gynea cons have never suggested that. yes i get painful hips and back when i have a period but that is coz i having a period that is affected by endo! Bee-22 is right you know your body. I would ask for a 2nd opinion

  • thank you so much for all of your repliesi think bat it is all a little strange that they think my joints could be affecting my periods. Hopefully when i have my follow up appointment i can really say what i think and push for what i want which is a laparoscopy. I have been suffering for 5 years now, and finally get a referral, and I get told a load of bull! i'm scared of what will findand get upset that professionals i am begging for help don't listen but hopefully this time will be different. Thank you

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