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I used to have severe period pain until I went on the pill, was on it for 10 years then came off and got pregnant straight away. Since the birth of my son five years ago my abdominal symptoms have been getting worse but with no actual severe pain, I get a frequent burning feeling and feel like something is eating away at me. Because of the minimal period pain my Gp won't refer me even though I have a lot of the other symptoms as did my mother. Any ideas from you lovely ladies on here? Am fed up of feeling ill 3 out of 4 weeks each month.

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My story is similar to yours! I have always had the burning pain you describe but not too severe period pain so endo was never thought of (maybe it is severe but always thought it was normal?) anyway after I had my son 3 years ago pain got worse. I had first lap by a bog standard surgeon which showed 'no endo' then 2 years later another NHS lap which showed 'minimal endo' then a few months later an op with a top endo dr which showed widespread endo. My point is that you need to see someone who is very experienced who can identify it properly. I had radical excision 4 weeks ago and am hoping for good results pain wise. Any questions just message me x


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