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need help with how long it took from being refered for surgey to actually getting a date? I know it's different for everyone?

hello, I'm going back to the gyne on Monday after having from July taking microgyn to see if it eases the pain, my gyne told me this appointment would be the one where we decide if microgyn worked & then we will put in for an operation. it hasn't worked. two months in to taking the microgyn everyday without a break I started bleeding and haven't stopped, pain is still as bad as ever & I haven't missed a pill or taken it late. I just wanted to know the variety of how it took from being refered to have surgey to getting a date. I know everyone is different but any answers would be helpful, thank you in advance

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From my experience, i was referred for an ultrasound end of Jan, had that March, and then had my appointment in the June and had my surgery in mid August , all this year. I was down for any cancellations though.

Make sure you push in your consultation that you are in a lot of pain, bleeding constantly like that on a combined pill isn't normal so I would think they would want to investigate.

Any other questions you have, feel free to ask

Faye x



I was referred in Mid December last year and had my surgery yesterday. My date took a long time to come, I think, because I had to have an MRI and a couple of ultrasound scans and each time I had to wait a couple of months for the appointments.

It seems from what I've read on here that if ladies don't have to have interim investigations (to assess complications such as bowel or bladder involvement) then they get their date quicker.

As you are bleeding a lot, perhaps you could ask the consultant about the possibility of an ovarian cyst, uterine polyp or fibroid. You can have a mixture or one of these in addition to endometriosis. I have had ovarian cysts (one had to be removed) and found out I have a fibroid after the op yesterday. When I had the cyst as a child, I was on the pill (tried quite a few different ones) and none of them worked, I bled through all of them and quite profusely (flooding and for weeks).

I hope you can get the help and answers you need at your next appointment.

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I waited from August 29th till October 22nd. Make sure you ask day surgery to put you on the top of the cancellation list... If you are available. And plee with them to put you in as soon a possible. Once you have been diagnosed with endo... Your symptoms will not stop until you have found a suitable treatment plan (pills, coil, injections..etc) I'm still trying to figure out my body. Worse part is... There is no cure! Hope you get seen quickly!! Ana :)


I had mine very quickly after my appointment with them. Mine actually looked in his diary there and then to see when he had an availability and if it worked for me which was really helpful rather than having to communicate via letters. If you can ask them there if they have an idea of time because you are in pain and having problems and they might be pushed to work more with you to get a good date, hope it all goes well xx


Hi, I am also taking microgyn and I took same kind of pill before. In my experience, sometimes I start bleeding though I am taking pill for continuously. I talk to doctor and she said it is natural if it starts bleeding at any point. Then she suggested to take me a break for 4 days from pill and start again from 5 th day. In this way uterus can shed the excess cell lining and bleeding will be stop. So I follow that and it works for me.


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