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Has anyone else had this problem?

So this week I was at the hospital and was told by the surgeon that my disease was stage III with an ovarian cyst and extensive adhesions. Im to have more surgery and my ovary removed, they cannot give me any answers about fertility yet...but it 'may not be easy'. Good for me then that I am not insane, and I have been telling a doctor something was wrong other than 'IBS' since I was FOURTEEN. I am now 33!!!!!

I am in a waiting room on my own as OH had to work...there were a few other women waiting for the same clinic as me. However why did we have to be surrounded by pregnant ladies and their ample bumps in skin tight tops to display their success, maternity notes held like a badge of honour and the lovely couple who sat next to me to fuss over their latest scan photo. Shouldn't there be some kind of policy or seperate waiting area? To me it seems as sensitive as putting poor women who have miscarried in the maternity ward.

Does this bother anyone else or is it just me being bitter and hormonal?

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Hi. Don't get me started on this! It's disgusting that in my local hosp I have to report to ante natal for appointments and scans. Surrounded by pregnant women and info re pregnancy. Just how inconsiderate can they be?! I even offered to set up an info display re endo but was declined.

You are far from butter and hormonal x


This was exactly the same at the women's hospital in Birmingham, thoroughly demoralising. As if to say this is what you could have, but you haven't.

I work with kids/ babies and this doesn't affect me. But going to hospitals and sitting for an internal exam next to someone who's having a baby does. It is totally not on. Defo with u on this one xx