Our amazing Carol has come second

Good morning everyone,

Our brilliant trustee, Carol Pearson, got 46% of the vote in the Guardian Trustee of the Year 2014 poll and has come second after Teresa Finch, a trustee at Dravet Syndrome UK, who got 47% of the vote.

We’d like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all of you for your unbelievable support! It has been a wonderfully galvanising and unifying process for Endometriosis UK and we’re still very excited.

We all know how wonderful Carol is, she is a true winner in our eyes and we’re sure that you’ll join us in congratulating her.

Monika & Team

Endo UK

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2 Replies

  • Well, 1% between them - that's nothing and makes Carol just as much the winner to me. Well done Carol.

  • There was only 20 VOTES difference between the two. Ugh, typical. Oh well, still some great coverage but I personally think they should be joint winners.

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