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Just being a drama queen?

I have posted on here so many times I'm sure most are familiar with whats going on with me!

I recently had a laparoscopy where they found pelvic hyperaemia and a serious pelvic infection due to a popped cyst that they never drained. They put me on 2 weeks of strong painkillers and said within 2-3 days theyll kick in and the pain will go- well it hasnt and I'm having the exact same pain as before, along with the op pain on top. Im just finishing these painkillers and the pain has spread to the other side of my pelvis and i have started getting pain up my bum (sorry!) that feels like being stabbed with a knife. I got this pain years ago when i first started to have problems with bad periods etc and never thought anything of it. They said during the laparoscopy they didnt find any endo or adhesions which i was surprised about because surely i have not had this pain for 7 years due to an infection (im sure i would be in a lot worse way if that were so). And my gynoe said he could feel my uterus was stuck to my pelvic wall and something was causing it- but nothing was mentioned of that after the op. Is there a chance they could have missed something? I feel like I'm being a drama queen but im starting to get so fed up! They said they didnt really get to do a lot during my laparoscopy because the infection is so bad, so how could they know if there was endo or something else? Should i push for another scan or laparoscopy? Not sure what to do!

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I think I'd want another laparoscopy once the infection was cleared up. I mean it sounds as if half the point of the laparoscopy was missed because they couldn't do it properly due to the infection... That's not your fault is it and IMO you're not that much further along than before the lap. It sounds implausible that 7 years of pain and symptoms would be caused by an infection (as you say) so you don't really have an answer or treatment plan.

Can they tell if the infection is gone by your blood tests? - I know sometimes blood tests can show a person has an infection in their body.

I don't think you sound like a drama queen at all. I feel as if sometimes they are giving us a laparoscopy to shut us up, so when they don't find something like endo they think we'll just go away. The thing they are not taking into account is that the whole reason we are there in the first place is because we are suffering and in pain... So if they don't find what it is, we still want a diagnosis/answer/treatment.


hi am attending my consultant at min bout endo due my lap in few weeks I also experience that sharp pain in my bum aswell am not sure if its linked or not although I have read that if endo is in that area it may be a cause


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