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I just wanted to know if anyone lives in the Cardiff Wales area, if so it would be nice to meet up for coffee and chat?? I have endo and have had two operations to try and remove it even though I know it will grow back and the scar tissue is even worse to get rid of. My next follow up appointment is Monday and I am afraid I will have to have another operation to at least have some relief from pain even if it is only for a period of time. It took almost 2 years to be diagnosed with this conditions and that was a fight. First operation with the NHS fab staff were really nice but operation did not do much to be far. Next operation went private and then conceived our second child (which I know is amazing) but she is only a year old and the pain has returned started again after about six months and now at the point its everyday again I do not want to go back on Tramadol as I was a complete zombie such a horrible horrible thing for all us women to have. If anyone has any suggestions on pain relief I would be very grateful.

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I'm an endo sufferer and live in Cardiff. Happy to meet for a coffee if you're around on Mondays.


Good morning sammy1506!

We do have an Endometriosis support group which may be of use if interested in the Cardiff area. Please see the link below:


May I also suggest the free helpline (0808 808 2227) or the online support groups we run if you are unable to venture out:


Take care and I wish you well.



Thank you for your help Beckie


You are more than welcome.

Take care,



I just wanted to check if you have any dates details as i have not had a reply from the group leaders as yet and on the website it only gives times and that the meeting is at the Spire Hospital but dates TBC. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks very much Beckie


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