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Had Lap 3 weeks ago, no endo!

Morning ladies,

Just thought I would post on here, I was previously diagnosed with endo in 2009 through a diagnostic lap. My symptoms of late have been very very similar to my previous symptoms therefore the docs thought my endo was back and sent me for my 3rd lap. This lap was one of the worst things I have ever had to experience due to reacting badly to the anaesthetic. I woke up in recovery and was told by a nurse they had found nothing and that my follow up with the surgeon would be in 8 weeks! Once I was out of hospital after spending a night in there I spent a full week in bed being sick and passing out everytime I stood up. Luckily I had booked an appointment with my own GP for a week later, she has now said that now they have ruled endo out that they think its my bowels, and have now been referred to a dietician. I feel like I am being passed from pillar to post. I am only 21 years old and this has been going on for 6 years now.

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:-( what a nightmare. I hate how patients can be so abandoned after an operation.

Had the GP actually gotten anything back from the hospital about your lap?

Was the surgeon the same one you had for your other operations? Is the surgeon an endo specialist?

Sorry for all the questions. I just think if it were me, I'd want to get more info - to double check the nurse was right. Also if the surgeon is saying that, then if they were just a general gynae, I'd probably want to pursue a second opinion via one of the endo specialist centres.

I wouldn't think there's any harm in pursuing a differential diagnosis via a GI specialist... In the sense that it is best to rule out other possible reasons for the same type of symptoms. I'm not sure if your symptoms are cyclical (like only during menstruation and/or ovulation) or more daily... If the latter, and the laparoscopy definitely didn't show endo, I think pursuing the bowel angle might be useful to you.

If you get nowhere with the bowel/GI investigation then you could ask for referral to one of the endo centres.


No he was a different surgeon, but was a endo specialist. The on call surgeon came round the next day to tell me everything was clear too, but I found this strange as he wasn't the one who done the op.

No my GP didn't mention the lap until I did, then she just said now that we have ruled endo out that we can go down the bowel route.

My symptoms are daily, and not only during menstruation, so I am really hoping that the dietician can help me out. I have been keeping food diaries and eliminating foods, and for the first time in years, this week I have hardly swollen, which is very rare for me.

Thanks for your reply xx

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That's good about the swelling! I used an app (Android - probably similar on Apple products) that helps the user figure out intolerances and allergies. The one I had was called MySymptoms - perhaps you might find something like that useful.

I hope the medics can help you figure out what'd behind your symptoms.



Thanks I will have a look for an App similar.

Finally got my appointment with the dietician for next week, I will let you know how I get on xx


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