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My drug addled brain!

After my shoulder surgery, in my codeine fog at home, I thought I would look up to see if there were any herbal things I could take to try and ease my endo as discussing my lady bits with fit doctor while sobbing and being to and fro from gynae ward was draining. Anyway while in said fog, and also looking for ways to boost my partners sex drive (starting to sound like sex maniac!) I convinced myself that taking ginseng would help relieve my endo pains. I've been taking one to two a day but mostly one for three weeks now and tonight while my beloved is at the pub ruining his sex drive, I looked it up again and it's said taking ginseng and having endo is a big no no! I have promptly binned them but now terrified of my next period which is due in two weeks, exactly the same time I start my dream job that I've been working towards for two years. It means commuting and walks either end which itself worries me as I normally drive and with the pains I get, will I cope! I can't believe how much endo has turned me into an anxious worrier! I hope I haven't made myself worse by taking the pills!

Also my last ultra, they said I had a chocolate cyst on my left ovary. If and when I finally get my lap, will this cyst get removed? My consultant is keen to protect my fertility and will stop and wake me up to discuss if any issues. I've been so desperate for my lap but now starting my new job, I want it as far away as possible! Work has a very good sick policy but I don't want to feel like I'm letting people down.

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The cyst will be removed if it is of a size that makes it worth while. Usually 3.5cm and over is the approximate size to qualify for removal.

Use WebMD website to look up any supplements to check if the ingredients are indeed endo friendly.

Many are sold as endo-friendly but when you investigate the individual ingredients that claim is usually found to be way off the mark.


is the webMD page for ginseng. also click on drug interactions to see what if any drugs are known to work differently with a specific supplement or ingredient.

Save it in favourites as the search box to check for other ingredients is there on the right hand side and its very very useful website to use. If you get a pop up asking you to choose between the UK and USA - click USA because it is a much better version of the website.

I wouldn't worry unduly about the next period. Ginseng may have reduced the blood clotting factors which could mean the period lasts longer but you can off set this by taking Tranexamic Acid tablets which are available now over the counter - they used to be prescription only.

webmd.boots.com/women/heavy... gives you the brand names to ask for at the chemists.

you might not notice any difference from normal anyway - but if you do the Tranexamic Acid can be taken during a period to try and help the clotting process and stop the bleeding.

Fingers crossed all goes well.

As for your partner heading down the pub ...... try and get him to go to the gym instead. Quit the alcohol and take up weight training - it can boost testosterone levels through the roof ;-)


Wow!! You know so much!! Thanks for your reply, I'll check the sites out. I have used the boots one before for finding things out and it is very helpful. Not sure how big the cyst is but fingers crossed it will come out with no problems. The day I get him in the gym will be a miracle, still we can all dream! Mind you, I'm hitting the pub tomorrow for village fireworks so I can't moan too much! Thanks for your advice. X


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