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Will they ever listen to us?

Hi all.

Hope you are all as well as can be.

I've had a real bad week with endo, in bed for 3 days and just haven't got the energy to do anything. Even signed off work for the week as new supervision (female) has questioned me about how ill I am and what the symptoms are etc. It annoys me that people can be so ignorant and just think, oh its only period pain. How about the days of constant aching on ur hips, the completely drained feeling the whole week before you're due on, how about the crippling pain that keeps you up all night resorting to the strongest pain killers that you can possible have, which then knock you out making you feel like a zombie. How about the impact it has on family seeing you that way or having to change plans at the last minute, altering their life for you. How about the fact you are put on disciplinarian because of the amount of time off you have had, making stress set it off.

I'm sick of being fobbed off by the doctors too. Try this hormonal treatment, try that hormonal treatment. I DON'T WANT ANYMORE HORMONAL BLOODY TREATMENTS!!!! I have tried everything they have asked me to, I have researched on diets and exercise to try and help, all to no avail.

Yes I know I am young (27) I don't want kids, I never ever have done. Why not take the bloody thing out? I know that will.mean taking hrt for the rest of my days but it has to be better than going through this every month!

I have always had bad periods since I started (12) and they have progressively gotten worse. I don't want to go another 15 years of this crap month in month out.

Rant over!

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Hi I so sorry you are suffering like this.

I to have spent most of the last five days in bed in total agony. Managed to get an appt for nov to talk to my gynae about my second lap. I'm drugged up to the eye balls too and. Feel very very unwell and don't know how I am going to manage. GP and hospital seems yo move at a snails pace. Tried getting an emergency appt but not easy also not sure how much I gave to suffer before anything is done. My heart goes out to you I know exactly how you feel and how horribly isolating it all is. I totally agree about the hormone thing too. I think often they fob you off with painkillers and hormones to save them having to give people proper operations to excise the endo properly.

Lots of hugs and good wishes your way xxx


The best thing to do is keep badgering them! And refuse to leave until they give you an answer without fobbing you off.

Hope you feel better soon. xx


Thankyou xx


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