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Very confused but happy!

Hi there,

This is a strange one I think and I would love to hear any theories.

I have suffered on and off for 13 years. In the past 5 years at time I have found the pain unbearable. From migraines to shooting pelvic pains, throbbing aching pain being the constant!

I had a lap 18months ago and they found some areas and treated those, the Doc also said my bowels were stuck to the side and he released those. Things improved for a good 6 months and then came back worse than before. Nausea, fatigue, low mood and generally very peeved off!

The last few months I have had a couple of days bleeding and then really bad after for a good 2 weeks, pain on voiding and what I can only describe as internal stinging. Then this month nothing! A few aches which to be honest are neither here nor there. Can't stop drinking and feel very dehydrated, I cant help thinking this is building up to a epic period next month. I'm 45 not menopausal but is this normal can Endo go through active and dormant phases?

Making the most of this month!

Hope everyone else has a reprieve from this misery inducing disease :D

Thanks for any advice/thoughts…


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If you get a stinging pain - that would point towards an anal fissure or tear of the lining - it gets aggravated by each time you pass a bowel movement and unless given a decent chance to heal by not stretching the bowel walls - ie keeping the BMs soft either through diet or laxatives or luck it can carry on opening up time and again. Once it heals enough to have some strength not to reopen up - wow you do feeel whole heap better.

Another couple of possibles are a polyp in the bowel that began to pull away from the bowel lining and it has now done so and you expelled it without knowing and it has now healed inside - or an internal haemorrhoid (varicose vein) that got swelled up and jammed swollen and that swelling has now disipated and calmed down.

What is unlikely is that endo would cause a stinging pain and that it would suddenly stop.

Endo inside the bowel will bleed when your cycle has you on a period and occasionally at other times -noticeable with blood from the back passage.

Endo in the bowel wall or pushing in from an outside mass obstructs the easy flow of poop -but it wouldn't sting. It would HURT when you bear down trying to get poop squished past the obstructed bit of bowel.

Extra thirst is one sign of Diabetes - so a check with your GP on that score is needed. But on the plus side it will certainly aid your poop to remain soft enough to get past partial obstructions.

It might just be what with central heating being on this time of year you are naturally drying out and the body needs more liquids onboard which ups your thirst and there's nothing to worry about - but do get the diabetes side of things checked out and hopefully excluded.

My bowel endo is easier when things passing it are soft enough and that keeps the pain levels down - but from one day to the next, the level of pain is entirely depending on how hard it is to actually "go" to the toilet. If I start getting constipated it can be very very painful and I need about 20 mins afterwards to calm down before I can start waking round again. So it pays off to keep the fluid levels up and the waste as soft as poss.

Hope your calm digestive system stays that way and there's no concerns about the thirst after tests.


Thanks so much for your reply, I have read a number of your posts/replies and I always find them so useful and thanks to you I really read up about suprecur . Thanks ever so much again x


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