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Specialist consultants near Cheshire needed!!

Can anyone please give me some names of really good, knowledgeable, specialist endo consultants within 50 miles of Cheshire.

I really trusted the guy I used to see - Prof. Barlow at the John Radcliffe in Oxford, but he has left. I quite like to go somewhere nearer home as it is difficult now that I have a young family to leave!!

My local hospital consultant doesn't seem to know much and I am desperate to talk to someone who can answer my questions before I go ahead with a hysterectomy.


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There are at least two specialist endometriosis centres quite close. There is the Wirral University Teaching Hospital which is an accredited BSGE Endometriosis centre. BSGE are the specialist group of gynae consultants who are leading on minimal access surgery and have set up a special group on endometriosis treatment. A full list of the BSGE Endometriosis Accreditation Centres can be found at: bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-accredi... The lead consultant there - Mr David Rowlands is speaking at our Information Day in Altrincham, nr Manchester on Saturday.

Also close by is Liverpool Women's Hospital which isn't yet an BSGE accredited centre, and again one of the consultants there - Mr Rafet Gazvani - is also speaking at our Information Day.

Hope this is useful and good luck with your search.



Thank you Helen.

Can I ask to see Mr. Rowlands from Cheshire via my Doctor?

It would be a relief to speak to someone who understands!!

Thank you.



I am under Mr Aziz at Liverpool Womens hospital, I had my first laparoscopy just under 2 weeks ago when he found sever endo and quite large cysts so performed an excision.

I was only refered to him in January but have been very happy so far.

He also does private work at Liverpool Spire Hospital

Hope you find someone



Thank you Shelly. I am now going to try and get to see Mr. Rowlands. Just hope my doctor will refer me there!!


I too have had surgery with Dr aziz and all went well he is a lovely man who put me at ease I had hysterectomy ovary removal and endo fixed on bowel and bladder pain afterwards was nearly completely gone :-) only 7 days post op but feeling great and had open surgery x

Good luck x


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