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Could it still be Endo?


I had a diagnostic lap on 7th July, no endo was found but I did have adhesions removed from around my left ovary. I seemed to recover pretty well and had maybe a few weeks or a month with few symptoms, or only those expected from the surgery itself. I've more recently had symptoms very similar (though not as bad) as I had before, and am wondering if there is the possibility that endo was missed, or if there's something else. The pains can be general across my pelvic area, mainly at the front, sometimes it feels like it's around the ovaries and sometimes the bowel. I have pain before and after bowel movements and sex is still painful (even a bit of foreplay but nothing further left me very uncomfortable and unable to sleep last night). I have IBS too but these things feel more of a physical pain than that, as if things are being squeezed, pulled about or stuck together inside. I wonder if it's possible that I do have endo and they missed it during the lap if it's just on the bowel, or if there's some other physical bowel problem going on?

Has anyone had experience similar to this?


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