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Ruptured ovarian cyst?

3 weeks ago I was diagnosed with policystic ovaries, luckily I haven't got polycystic ovarian syndrome but both my ovaries are covered in cysts and I also have a 3 x 2 cm cysts on my right side between my ovary and my pelvis. Since Wednesday I have been in agony with what I thought at first was period pain but now I am 3 days late and still in agony. I'm not pregnant for sure so I know that's not causing my periods to be late and I don't know what could be causing so much pain, Friday night I went to see an out of hours doctor and he said he thinks a cysts may have twisted or something so he gave me a muscle relaxer and told me to take painkillers but I am still in agony and also I have a high temperature and feel so so sick all the time, I haven't been sick yet but I don't know if that's because I haven't eaten as I can't even deal with food. The pain is all on my right side and even to touch the area is excruciating, i don't know what the answer could be, I'm going to book an emergency doctors appointment tomorrow but I don't know whether I should go straight up to A&E, hopefully someone can help xx

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Please go to A&E - if you are in agony and have a temperature too - it's a sign of infection. Cysts can cause infections in the pelvis - but your symptoms also could indicate a kidney stone or kidney infection so it needs hospital investigation and intramuscular pain relief at least you will get a good nights sleep on that.

Twisted cysts or twisted ovaries should not be ignored, they are agony and can cause complications and hospital is the best place to be. Really hope it is nothing too serious and you can get what ever treatment is necessary asap.

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