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Endo and Adenomyosis PAIN


in a few secondsJmiller

Hi My daughter has endo and adenomyosis and I wondered what any of you do for this pain. Heat packs and ENDONE seem to work (barely) but no one will prescribe endone anymore as it is an addictive narcotic.

Can anyone offer anything that helps them. My daughter is only 18 and I am so so very sad for her and feel helpless.

Thank you everyone

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Naproxen is a very good non steroid anti inflammatory.

I also take codeine and occasionally Tramadol.

Best wishes,

Barbara x


I know exactly how you feel, my daughter to is 18, had a laparoscopy in March diagnosis was endometriosis she had two patches removed very close to her kidneys and after 14 uti's later and lots of different pains killers later... We are still not sorted out, her consultant wants her to go on the mini pill but she has suffered from migraines since she was nine and we lost her grandmother to Breast cancer at 54 so to say I'm worried is an understatement but I feel so sorry for her she will arrange to do things with friends and then has to cancel as she feels so rough again! She has taken Tramadol which does help not completely but some of the other pain killers gave her constipation and they saw a mega colon when she had the laparoscopy which the consultant believes is from the constant painkillers it really is a vicious circle, I only just joined this forum and people have been so helpful offering advice, I really do understand your frustration and upset too. Also she is trying a gluten free diet and only white meat she definatley feels it has helped her, you try anything to get relief! Take care


I am sorry to hear how young your daughter is with both these chronic pain conditions.

I have struggled with both of these and found the best meds to be Nefopam (it's a non opiate) and can take paracetamol to top it up, buscopen, Amytryptaline (at night) Ibrofen and sometimes motilium anti sickness as I got nausea at times too.

Are you being seen at an Endo Centre by an endo specialist gynaecologist?? This made a big difference to my treatment.

I'm 43 and had a total hysterectomy 5 weeks ago.

I really hope your daughter gets all the support and help she needs.


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