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A little lost

Hello everyone! I'm 16 and have recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis. I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on pills as, although they have reduced my symptoms since my laparoscopy they have been causing me to feel extremely down and snappy with people I'm around on a day to day basis. It's hard explaining to the girls at school why I'm feeling like it because a lot of them do not even know what endometriosis is. Really I am just wondering whether anyone has found a pill in particular that has not given them awful moods! Thank you xx

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Hi ! Sorry to hear about your symptoms! The one I have been using it Yasmin and it has been amazing for me! I have tried all possible pills around but this one seems to be the best! Finding the right pill is pretty much hit and miss.

At the same time I would advise you to change your diet and see how you feel after - I excluded wheat and gluten produts, caffeine and I feel much better. On top of it I did a test which proved I am wheat intolerant! Try to take evening primrose capsules too - however - since you are very young it would be best to see a specialist. Try to speak with your GP and ask her/him to refer you to a gynaecologist who specialises in endometeiosis.

It's very sad to see how most doctors ignore women with endonetriosis. Almost every other women suffers with such problems yet the issues seems to be ignored ...

Don't give up and stay strong !


I can relate. Marvelon was the pill that suited me best, I was on it for years and now and then the dr would ask me to change to microgynon (sure it's because it's cheaper) but I turned into a moody monster. Are you sure it's the pill causing the moods? I would say coming to terms with a chronic condition would be reason enough to be up and down esp at a young age. I was 41 when diagnosed and it shocked me! Keep talking xx

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Hi, LucyChristmas.

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. When I was your age I was exactly the same due to the pill I was on, the it took a couple of years and several pills but I found that cerazette worked the best for me. It was the last one my GP tired as she informed me it's one of the most expensive so it's a last resort, but I'd definitely suggest it to your GP.

Hope things get better soon,

Take care xx


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