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Praise for kind gp

I recently had an attempted cervical smear test that was so painful it was untrue .The nurse that did was less than sympathetic.

I then saw a gp today for a second go .I was given 2mg of diazepam before hand and she was the kindest person I have met in my endo journey so far.She tried different sized speculums to find the one most compfortable and really was kind and patient this all made for a successful non painful smear test .I thought I would just sing her praises it just goes to show a little kindness and time really does pay off.

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Well done for getting through it. We are entitled to have pain relief and anaesthetics too if we do find the process too painful. Sadly there are far too many women being brutalised by these procedures and it is unnecessary - if only they were aware of their rights.

The relief and sense of achievement when a successful procedure is carried out is certainly worth shouting from the rooftops. Congratulations Mabelsky.

I did get a revised booklet in the post for my current recall for a smear. Published this year 2014.

At last it has removed the very unhelpful and offensive comment "Some women may feel mild discomfort"

and replaced it now reads

"you might feel some discomfort or pain - ...if it is painful, tell the doctor or nurse straightaway as they may be able to reduce your discomfort. "

Which is more helpful- but it still doesn't mention that you are entitled to pain relief and anaesthetic from the start.

The new booklets also mention HPV testing which is being introduced.

It clarifies what inadequate and abnormal results will mean to the patient too.

A much better and more informative booklet than the older versions. Long overdue.

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