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cyst on my right ovary

I've been diagnosed with a cyst on my right ovary grown from 4.5cm to 7.cm in 3 weeks after the 19th July feel like its got bigger cause I can feel it around my stomach am currently waiting for an operation but struggling and been taking pain killers it get worse when am on my periods and I have endometriosis too yes I've got it all going on I don't know what to do just wait or keep seeing the doctor? over the summer holidays I was in the hospital twice had scans giving medication which made me sick, struggling to eat as I get full quick and when i do feel sick its a BALLS ACHE!!!!!!!!!!! I am very naughty though as I won't stop doing normal things like working, playing with my nephew and normal things at the end of a day am a mum/auntie it gets me down that I can't just be me anyone going though the same?

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I feel for you. I had a similar size cyst in my ovary which I had removed in December (New Years Eve - one I won't ever forget). I suffered a lot and made frequent trips to the doctor. There wasn't much she could do except listen. Mine was far worse during my period and I would feel sick. My GP gave me cyclizine to help with that and it did.

Do you know how far you are on the list for the op? If its getting to the point where its truly affecting your quality of life I would see your GP and maybe they can get you rushed through.


I was put on the list on my birthday 27th august rang the other day to discuss something i missed on my paperwork and she said I've just been put on really so to be honest really don't know hun am thinking I may go and see the doctor as you say it may bump me up the list x


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