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I'm hoping someone can help me. Just been diagnosed with endometriosis,after what seems like forever,and I'm in constant agony when I have my period. I'm due on in 2 weeks which clashes with my holiday abroad and I'm always in so much pain that I'm thinking of cancelling. I'm worried that the insurance company won't pay out due to what I think they will think is 'bad period pain'. Any advice from anyone would be great xx


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If you ring your insurance company you can specifically be insured for endo at a relatively small cost. I have an annual European travel policy and it cost me £30. I was in a similar position in June but in fact a holiday was just what I needed. Unless you have planned a particularly active holiday use it as an opportunity to relax and take things at a more leisurely pace. I found the sun and heat really helped my pain. I used to swim loads but haven't been able to recently due to endo pain but being at a hotel with a warm pool where I could just do a couple of lengths at my own pace was great! Go as prepared as you can be with your medication, tampons etc and I even arranged for the hotel to put a kettle in the room so that I could use my hot water bottle. I have a very supportive husband who now understands my limitations and so I couldn't go on all the excursions we would have liked to but in fact it did us both a lot of good to have a break from what has been a very stressful year with my diagnosis and a failed round of IVF xxx


Have you tried norethisterone to stop/postpone your period?

The GP can prescribe this, worth a try?



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