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A fun idea....Dimitri's Box

Hi ladies!!

I thought I would post something that might be useful to al us sufferers who spend time rotting in bed, in and out of a happy then depressed state with whats happening to us all the time....sometimes without any warning!

So my friends and I refer to my endometriosis as 'Dimitri'....because its not me its something that happens to me, and when Dimitri comes a long..well it just f**Ks everything up basically lets be honest. Its dormant until whenever it wants to punch me in the ovary, or make it almost impossible to breathe sometimes due to the pain.

Recently I noticed a pattern in myself....I have started to collect things in anticipation for spending a depressing amount of time feeling low/in pain/bleeding so that I have things to look forward to (sort of) when I'm under so its there at the ready. For me its things like my essential oils I burn or use topically for comfort, magazines, books, films I want to watch, PJ's I like to wear and also some treats :). I have a list of things I wanted to research, read up on or look into when I'm feeling crap. Ive read in some of my books thats finding healthy distractions are good in times of illness. Some people knit, or sew. obviously if the pain is so bad thats not possible but something therapeutic and calm is supposed to be good. When I had my cat (a particularly frisky one) playing with some string on the bed was brilliant and made me laugh. Im now going to make myself a box...called 'Dimitri's box' so that I can store all things needed, my hot water bottles, essential oils, books, films, treats, foot masks, lists of interesting things to browse the web for etc....literally anything I keep will now go into this box.

I seem to find quite good new smoothie recipes when I feel crap and I look forward to trying them when I'm feeling better....by the way I'm by no means a health junkie....but I do try.

So...basically I just wanted to share my Dimiti's Box idea with fellow lovely ladies to perhaps give a new idea, and see if it works for anyone. I will make my box and upload a photo soon for you all. it will probably look like a 12 years old cut and stick but at least that will make me laugh when I go to open it :)

lots of love

Frankie and Dimitri ;-)


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Fabulous idea Frankie - I do have a basket of meds beside my bed but never thought to have a box of treats.Sounds like you like me,always finding ideas to reseach etc -but then I forget where


00p-s -pressed send before Id written!...I have piled them.This is a lovely idea and I think it'll make those bed ridden times much more appealing.

My dear Grandpa used to say that he longed for a day in his bed,with the health and strength to enjoy it! I suppose we in bed for the opposite reasons but at least we can prepare.

Do upload a photo and thanks for sharing .


Hello Frankie,

I think that is a fabulous idea and so simple; I'm so glad you shared it with us. I am looking forward to the photo :-), I will have to make one myself but it will have to wait a couple of weeks as I have a lap today and live alone so end up stuck inside for a while.

Victoria xx


Think this is a fabulous idea Frankie... could do with a demetri's box today. Look forward to seeing the pics x


Hey Franchie,

Awesome ideas :) being laid up in bed with endo really sucks (I keep ending up in hospital with mine) I have a drawer next to my bed & it always has things like my meds, some magazines, tablet, kindle, hot water bottle & tiger balm for when I'm stuck in bed (My other half is also a sweetie as he makes sure I have some nice food that I can eat & looks after me) your smoothie recipes idea was fab by the way :) xxx


I love this idea... Think it's brilliant and so positive!!! Can't wait to see the photo and what u came up with


This is a brilliant idea! I think I might put my own together.


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