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Dragging pain through belly button

Hi all,

I'm having a seriously bad dragging pain through my belly button and down to just above the vagina. its like deep inside and dragging and stabbing. i've had it before on and off but never this bad. whenever I've mentioned pain to any gynae doc or GP in the past they have always said its probably scar tissue pain from the lap - but mine was done nearly 4 years ago now!

does anyone have any advice or been through the same?

thanks a million!! x

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Certainly sounds like adhesions and scarring to me too.

Unfortunately though surgery can cut back the adhesions, it doesn't stop them regrowing and each surgery encourages more adhesions to grow so it's a temporary fix not a solution.

You might find it beneficial to explore exercises to stretch the adhesions to hopefully provide your organs with more flexibility, there are some private homeopathic type companies offering various ways to deal with adhesions without surgery. No guarantees any of them will work for you, but if you want to explore those options and research them, then it might be for you.

Also you can ask your GP to refer you to a pain clinic to find host of methods for dealing with the pains of adhesions if surgery is not available to you yet or something you want to risk having.


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