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Prostrap experiences?

hi everyone!

I was prescribed prostrap 11.25mg injections every three months until i'm called for surgery. I had done some light reading about the drug on the nhs website and other official leaflets (all which made any side effect seem minor) and as my consultant is keeping me on Marvelon alongside the injections i was told any side effects i may experience wouldnt be "too bad".

I got my first injection on Tuesday afternoon, felt a little unwell that evening which i assumed was in my head. today however i have woke feeling like i have the flu (my nose is stuffy, my body aches and a head aches), I wanted to pull the cover over my head and not face the world as i feel irrational irritable, my pelvic area is starting to cramp and im bleeding. I looked prostrap up in the search bar on here and there is information on whats being referred to as the Flare up stage, something that was never alluded to by my consultant, the administering nurse or the literature i had read.

So i was wondering if anyone has experienced this? what was your flare up like? did you even have a flare up? how long does it last? i understand everyone is different and each woman will experience it differently, i would just like an insight into the possibilities.

Thanks you!


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On the Lupron website (Lupron and Prostap are the exact same drug - Prostap is the UK name for Lupron)


6th paragraph down on the Important Safety Info

"After beginning LUPRON DEPOT, your estrogen levels will increase for 1 or 2 weeks. During this time, you may notice an increase in your current symptoms. You should notify your doctor if you develop any new or worsened symptoms after beginning LUPRON DEPOT treatment."

So all women will get a flare to some degree which is an increase in severity of symptoms associated with oestrogen, heavier more painful period bleeds, stronger cramping, endo can be more painful than usual and so on.

A stuffy nose is not normally a symptom or side effect of the flare stage, so it is possible you have an allergy or have picked up virus bug at the same time as being on Prostap.

If it is an allergy then an antihistmine will help - and always a good idea to have anti-histamine in the 1st aid drawer while on Prostap as it can cause your histamine levels to skyrocket causing hives or urticaria skin rashes. antihistamine should help combat any of those outbreaks.

All drug manufacturers down play or underplay the side effects of their products, they are legally bound to warn of certain aspects, but they certainly won't want to boast about the more negative ones.

That's why reading the 1st hand experiences of patients is very helpful...good and bad.

Reading the websites like lupronvictimshub.com and other similar websites which gather reports and research from far and wide provide a much more comprehensive overview of the GnRH drugs and their impact and the short and long term risks of using such drugs, even for a very short space of time.

There is so much information available, never stick to just the approved blurbs written by the very people trying to sell and promote the use of the product.

Check for lawsuits too - always a useful source for investigations.

Check for medical research papers independent of the manufacturers

Lupron has so much bad press (often rightly deserved) that it changed the name of the product when marketed in the UK, to Prostap. It is the same thing, so when you google be sure to check both brand names as they refer to the same product.

I was on zoladex -my flare stage was a combination of lengthy post operation bleeding, cramping which was mixed up with surgery pains etc, so I couldn't really pick out which was causing the worst of the problems in my case. It was all happening at the same time.

Plenty of other ladies have described their flare stage on this forum, look up the other GnRH drug names too, as the manufacturers differ, and method of getting the drugs in the body differ, but the process of action on the body is the same and flare stage applies to them all.


Thank you so much for this reply! very detailed, thank you


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