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6 months on Decapeptyl injection = depression hot flushes dizziness please tell me I'm not the only one!

Hi ladies I have the 4 endo for past 7 yrs, after 6 laps and every type of contraceptive I was Finally put on the Decapeptyl injection for 6 months I'm on my 5th injection of 6 with livial HRT but I'm really suffering badly with hot flushes dizziness and worse of all I feel like jeckel and Hyde! I am either on top of the world of extremely depressed and its really getting bad now, I'm 27 married with 3 children and own my own business I used to be full of energy happy and could do everything, now however I am literally at my lowest point struggle to get out of bed and generally do anything anymore, I can lose the plot with my hubby over nothing and completely turn on him for no reason, I feel as though I'm in a hole and I can't get out of it I literally cry all he time, my hubby is being so suppirtive but I feel like a terrible mother and wife ATM. Has anyone else go. Thru this!? Xxx

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