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hi all i am new to this forum and this is my first post :-) i am so happy to find a community where everyone is experiencing the same as me and reading stories where other ladies can relate to me and i can relate too.

Ive got pcos and waiting for my lap which i am very nervous about, i experience radiating pain down my legs,strong dragging pains in my lower abdomen and have a sudden sharp pain that literally brings me to my knees,they type of pain where i cant stand straight and have to half stand bent over till the pain passes, i am always tired,dizzy and miserable and my hair is falling out, i feel disgusting and really starting to struggle with depression.

Im pushing my husband and family away and feel totally unsupported and dont want to do anything, i am starting to reallu struggle with work but as i know there are no benefits or help with these diseases so daily struggles arent made easier for us sufferers which im finding hard to cope with!!!

I am happy to have found this forum and will continue to read your stories and comments now that i have found a sense of support and community,

Thanks ladies xxx

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You have come to the right place for understanding and support. X


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