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Endo Back? Help needed!

I was diagnosed with endo in January and was found to have it in my pouch of Douglas. All the pain and the symptoms had pretty much disappeared after my lap op. However, since April all pain has returned with a vengeance! I went back to hospital and they said I have to wait till December for an appt due to only having my op a few months ago however really don't think I can wait that long.

Pain is now daily and sex has pretty much become impossible due to the pain!

I feel helpless having to wait.

Does anyone have any advise or help they could offer as I am at my tether with it all :(

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So sorry to hear you're suffering so much. I think it's what I dread the most the idea of symptoms returning. Do you know if you had it cut out or burned? If it was just burned it does regrow that would cause your symtoms to return but excision gives you a better chance of it not returning in that same area. It mightbe that your surgeon left some endo behind because he didn't see it or wasn't skilled enough to deal with it - is your surgeon on the list of accredited specialists on the bsge.org.uk website? If however you do feel that you've had good excision with a specialist it might be another condition such as adenomyosis or pelvic floor dysfunction causing your symptoms. I eally hope you get some answers and relief soon xx



Thank you for your comment and advice. My gyneo came highly recommended so trust that they done a good job in the original op. I believe i was told that they just burnt it away.

Thank goodness my boyfriend is so understanding is all I can say!

I think I will just have to go back to the hospital again and say that I cannot wait until December as it is really starting to impact my day to day life now!



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