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Update...another coil (my 3rd) & 6 month wait

Hi Ladies

I saw a specialist last Monday after begging my doc for a referral to an endo specialist. She said she wouldn't give me a hysterectomy as it wont cure the endo. She said an ablation would possibly only help short term due to my age (38 and no kids). Also that they prefer to treat endo medically if they can and persuaded me to try another coil which is my 3rd even though it was during my 2nd coil my problems started. I agreed as she said if I try it for 6 months and my symptoms don't improve she will give me another lap which would be my 2nd.

I have to say this time it feels different. Although I've only had it in for a week I've only had very limited spotting. The pain however has increased and I'm getting it more often. I have been terribly bloated since it was put in. I look pregnant.

Will keep plugging on for now and see how it goes.

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