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Hi I am 33 and had a Endometrioma (blood filled - chocolate cyst) measuring 28cmx20cm removed three years ago. It scared the hell out of me at the time as I went to the GP concerned about a water infection only to be referred urgently. I had a full (vertical) lapraotomy as the cyst was so large it couldn't be removed by c-section incision or key hole. I have left ovary and tubes removed and it had adhered to bladder and bowel. Believe me it was quite an unpleasant experience. It was then the Gynaecologist said I had signs of endometriosis.

I have had pain on and off since the surgery, but yesterday I had excruciating left sided pain for a few minutes. Then it went away. However this morning I had this horrid dull ache. I went to the GP and he did water sample and examined me, but in the end he suggested we just watch and wait.

I am worried after my experience three years ago I am cautious. Would a full hysterectomy stop the endometriosis problems. I haven't had any kids and don't want any so it isn't an issue. Would appreciate anyone's ideas and advice please?

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oh my goodness, I've never heard of one that big. I'll tell you what my consultant told me 10 years ago - if your endo is confined to your reproductive organs a hysterectomy would help. If not, the damage is already done, although if you had a full hysterectomy with ovaries removed I imagine it would be helpful as the endo wouldn't be bleeding every month.


you should ask your doctor - ideally the one who performed the surgery and knows what your insides are looking like. I wish you all the best and relief from pain soon.


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