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Fibro and Endo. A winning combination

Hi folks. I have had endo since a teenager. I have 3 wonderful kids all spaced 5 years apart. I have also had to ectopic pregnancies that have left me with very little inside. I started zoladex 12 months ago (should have been a 6 month licence). It has worked a treat!!! Wonderful to have my life back and feel normal. 2 months ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia (this has been a long time coming,5 years). Guess what!! Can't have a Hysterectomy as I am under 40, don't have cancer AND it would make the Fibro worse (fibro and evasive surgeries are bad). Although they can get the hoover out and it would be gone in minutes and my life would be the same as it has been for 12 glorious months, the doc says its not worth what it could do to the fibro. So guess what? I am going to find a doc that will realise the endo will kill me before the fibro will!! Positive and being your own advocate is what works.xx

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