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Hi. I am new to this site. Does anyone know whether it is necessary to continue to have CA125 tests to monitor endometriosis?

I just wondered whether you should keep an eye on the levels of this protein in the blood to make sure that the pain is still endometriosis, whether it is improving and to make sure there is no ovarian cancer there (which tends to show a much higher CA125 result). I have general endometriosis as well as a recurring endometrioma cyst on the right ovary. The doctor told me that endometriosis cysts cannot turn cancerous, that my last scan showed only a simple cyst on my right ovary last year, and seemed reluctant for me to have the test. I don't want to stress myself out more than I have to! Is this a blood test that other endometriosis sufferers regularly have to monitor their condition?

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From what you have said I think you should see a second doctor to reassure you. Do not keep worrying too much as it does you no good. I feel for you.


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