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Anyone recommend an endochrinologist? Anyone think an endochrinologist could help relieve symptoms of fatigue/poor concentration from endo?

Please any tips welcome for finding an endochrinologist in London. Do you think it might help as an alternative to hormones (as I want to get pregnant soon I can't take these) or surgery? If sending names please private message me as names are not allowed on the open site. Thanks so much!

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I saw one in Manchester, lovely man but all he did was run tests and say to go back in 6 months once my next ivf was done, he wouldn't give me hormones due to the ivf which is fair enough and he said as I was still bleeding they wouldn't either (I had been diagnosed with pof so early menopause)


Have you tried acupuncture?


Thanks both, and hope you're feeling ok now Lilly83. No I haven't tried acupuncture. I don't really believe in the new age stuff, but maybe I should give it a go. Assume you have to go quite a few times to feel any benefits?


Someone on the forum alerted us to a really good article on hormones by Jeanette Winterson a few months ago. You might find it useful. theguardian.com/books/2014/...

It isn't about endo but how hormones can affect us at different stages of life and get out of balance causing all sorts of problems.

I have been getting acupuncture since January. I started every 2 weeks for a 45 min session and recently reduced to every 4 weeks. It definitely improved my muddled head and I feel mentally and emotionally stronger. It's really important to trust your instincts with a practitioner as there are some useless ones out there. I just started reflexology too which works on similar principles. Not sure if it "works" but it so lovely and it contributes to my sense of well being. These are supportive measures and not 'cures'.

If you're trying to conceive, look into vitamin D.


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