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Any advice for pain? Desperate!


Hi All,

Not havin a good couple of weeks at all :(

Since havin my lap in April and finding out I have severe adhesions it's like things have gone from bad to worse. The findings were that one ovary is stuck to my abdominal wall and the other is embedded deep under my bowel and boy am I feeling it. The follow up from my lap was booked for 3 months later so I only have a couple more weeks to wait but I don't know how to get through them!

The one embedded under my bowel is definitely starting to really play me up and I can hardly go to the loo anymore (TMI I know).

The pain deep down in my pelvis and radiating through my lower back is ridiculous now. I'm in pain constantly - whether sitting down, standing up whatever I just can't get comfy. Any longer on my feet than 20 minutes leaves me with contraction-like spasms. Driving my car and any little bump in the road sends shooting pains right through me. I just want to sit here and cry.

Sorry for such a self-pitying post but just wondered if anyone has any advice on how to get through next couple of weeks? Pain relief doesn't do a thing.

Many thanks in advance x

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I'm so sorry to hear how much pain you're in... I empathise completely. My painkillers prescribed haven't been doing a thing for my Endo so I thought I'd give a TENS machine a go.

I've only been using it since Friday but it has made a massive difference to the intensity of my pain (it doesn't eradicate it completely) but def takes the edge off the worst of it...

I ordered mine on Amazon and there are many on there so you can spend a few pounds on one if money is tight.. I bought one for about £50 that had good reviews and it was delivered quickly.

I hope this helps,I was a bit sceptical it would work but I would def give it a try.

The other thing you could try is a hot water bottle (if u haven't already).. I've sworn by mine but it has now left scarring on my thighs and stomach etc .... Hence the switch to the TENS.

Good luck : )

Many thanks for your reply - I'm prepared to try anything right now.

The hospital aren't too sure if it's endo or as a result from my c-section as when I had the lap everything was so stuck together they couldn't get a good look. It's just impacting on everything it seems right now - I have zero energy on top of the pain and feel like giving up altogether :( x

I find a TENS helps too - you can get cheaper ones online - I got an OVA, which is especially meant for period pains, I think they're about £30, but I got one on Ebay for £8! Most Chemists sell TENS too if you want one in a hurry!

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