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Life after a baby

Hey all, when i was 18 i was diagnosed with endo and had a few different treatments to keep it at bay and lucky was able to have a baby this year, i know my pregnancy would of halted any new growth of endo and im currently bf my son as ive heard this also stops more growth but im freaking out that as soon as my sons cuts down his milk feeds my endo will come back. Dealing with that and a new small baby really is terrifying me. Has anyone out there had a baby and had your endo grow back? If so how long did it take for your pain to return? Ive already got bad hip/back pain and period pains even though af hasn't returned yet

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Hi my son had been bf for years but my period came back when he was 4 month old. My pain started about when he was 8 month old and gradually getting worse. He refused milk fed so before he started solid all he had was my bf. But I still had my period!! Well the pain starting and he starting solid is about the same so reducing bf could casing the pain? However baby can't keep have bf only forever! I remember that I had pain but I couldn't have pain killer and all I could do was cuddling him (as a hot water bottle). Well the pain wasn't too bad though compare to now (he is 6). My pain has been getting worse and worse since then.

I couldn't have a thought of another one even I really wanted as I couldn't cope with the pain and bringing up the little one. My husband is really good dad and do look after him very well especially when I am ill. My son bring me a blanket when I am in pain. I wish I could be better for those two.

I am sorry I am not helping you. I am told that Marina coil is OK while bf but I have never used it. Are you thinking another pregnancy?

I sometime think if I could get pregnant and have a baby and before the pain is back I want another baby and continue forever. I only have a mansion and am a millionaire! Giving a birth is not as painful as endo pain! I prefer changing nappy than taking a cocktail of painkiller!

Sorry for going on I am in pain this week... Hope someone can give you a good advice. Take care



Hi if your baby no longer wants to be bf, to keep symptoms at bay can you use a breast pump to express as this would give the same affect. Just a thought x


Hi my endometriosis was discovered during my pregnancy I had surgery at 15wks and about 8 months after giving birth my pain returned so I had my second surgery when my little one was 2 yrs old ish and I am now waiting on my third surgery before hopefully starting uni my little guy is 5 soon

I spoke to the docs about marina coil but I wasn't a good candidate for it so my doc suggested the implant. I believe the implant has slowed down my endometriosis and I have not had a period for 2 years. Although I am in pain again I know it could be worse, my advice would be look at all your options and hopefully speak to an understanding doctor. Hope this helps take care and congratulations on your baby xx


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