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Fertility after endo lap

Hiya, had my first lap on weds and they found widespread endo, he said it was both sides, on vaginal walls, and around rectum. That's where he removed it, he also said there was some in my womb which he didn't touch, I was half asleep when he told me so didn't get to ask any questions. Does anybody have any ideas in fertility? I'm only 22 and am really worried. Thanks for any help!

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Hi Cwordi. It's always worrying when they tell you what they found but then leave it there. My endo was not on my womb but in my right fallopian tube so I cant give you specific advice but I was also worried about fertility so I called the surgeon's secretary and gave her my list of questions and she went through my notes and answered anything she could. My 3 month follow up appointment was then moved forward by a month so I felt like I could get any more questions answered by the consultant sooner rather than later as the wait was killing me!!

I'm sure you have nothing to worry about but hopefully you can get some answers and it will put your mind at rest a bit. Xx


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