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Thickening of uterosacral ligaments

Hello ladies.

Do any of you have thickening of the uterosacral ligaments? I had this diagnosed by MRI in December. The left side is very badly affected.

I wonder if this has anything to do with my chronic back pain and sciatica (really bad on the left side)?

I also have fluid in my POD and adenomyosis so I suppose any of my problems could be attributing to my back pain......? I am overweight but working hard to get rid of the extra weight. (I know the extra weight isn't helping my back problems).

I am trying to find the reason for my lower back pain.

Any ideas?

I hope you are all reasonably well x


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mine are enlarged aswell and damaged and I now have sciatic nerve damage to the point that some days I have to use crutches to get about and the pain in my back I think I have just given up with and decided that that is just going to be the norm for me now.


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