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Part of my endo is squashing bowel. My question is - does anyone know does this stop you from losing weight?

I'm putting more and more weight on and I have been trying really hard, but I'm just not losing any weight. I'm just getting fatter!!! The endo is pulling at my bowel and so there's only a small opening in my bowel. I'm waiting for an appointment with a bowel consultant to see if I have to have a bowel resection. It's bad enough having to deal with severe agony for 24 hours a day and taking a cocktail of medication without being grotesque. Feeling fed up and down

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Shouldn't really have much impact on weight, provided you are still able to go, albeit with difficulty and pain. Laxatives and laxative foods do help waste get past the obstruction.

The longer waste is in you the less well you can feel as the toxins and excess chemicals are taking sometimes longer to get out of you, this can make you feel lethargic and less inclined to be as active as you would normally be, and if you keep on taking on board more calories than you body is actually needing then yes you will put on weight, but it is an indirect cause of weight gain.

Keeping active in itself will not only burn off calories but also help food to progress through the pipe work all that quicker. So it becomes a bit of a vicious cycle if you are restricted in what you can do activity wise by being lethargic.

Have you recently had antibiotics? If yes .,,then top up your stomach's good bacteria levels again by taking probiotics for a few days. Good bacteria die with antibiotics, but are needed to digest foods properly keep hydrated - drink more than your thirst tells you to drink. Force feed yourself a tumbler full of water at each meal in addition to any other drinks you have.

Most of us tend to quench our thirst when we are thirsty, but only taking on board a few sips to wet the mouth and digestive tract a little bit. Drinking water more and more often will help you cleanse out and keep the poop on the move, and fill your tummy instead of snacking.

if there is any possibility you might be pregnant - get that checked too.

if you might have PCOs - then your body won't be processing sugar properly, weight gain can cause PCOs and PCOs then causes weight gain, unless you address the insulin problems that comes with PCOs. Again this is basically taking on too many of the foods that your body cannot process properly. This is one to be checked out with your GP.

just a few suggestions there you might want to look at.


Thank you so much for all your advice. I've been told that I don't have pcos. I'm trying to get pregnant but I don't think I am. I drink a lot of diluted juice, but not water on it's own. I should be more active and I do try, but nearly every day I am in agony and feel dreadful and so then I find it too hard. I am constantly constipated and most of the time when I finally go. It's agonising. I take a multi vitamin/mineral tablet with probiotics daily. I take movical when I remember (naughty). My concern is I don't each much, as I get full and I eat healthy meals with salad, veg and fruit. Xxx


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