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Back on Visanne

Has Visanne landed on the shores of the UK yet?

Im in SA and my endo shrunk after 3 months of Visanne and then tried to conceive naturally, but unfortunately endo grew in the +- 6 months I was naturally trying to conceive, Went for second opinion was told I need lap ASAP which was horrific for me to hear-then I went to my doc and he gave me choice btwn lap or visanne he has all the faith that after 3-6 months of visanne my endo will shrink enough to attempt ivf...sothats where im at it has been an unbelievably tough time the past year-jeepers!

Any advice on countering side effects...

will stick to diet and exercise supplements etc....

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nope - not likely to arrive in the UK yet either as clinical trials abroad not yet completed.


Hi. .nyc to hear sum1 frm SA wth endo.im also frm SA. .after readin endo UK.it gv me strength n encourage me to go ahead..I am goin in fr op in june rectum endo. nyc to read other pls experience n pain ..want to b pain free. dts al I want...


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