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Ok anyone got postive tales about Mirena Coil - Convience me??

I think I have arranged for a Mirenna to go in and anesthatic so I dont have the date.

Scared .

I also have a fibriod as well as Endometrosis dignosied and those endo found removed 4 years ago.

My symptoms are worse and this was reccommend as I should try it. I bottled out 4 years ago.

Im 38 no kids no preganices ever. I like to keep options open but not used contraciptive in 12 years still with the same partner my husband. Hated the pill bleed all the time!!

But apart from this - no other options.

NHS Scotland.

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I had a mirena fitted just over 6 weeks ago, the initial fitting was painful but really quick. So far I'm really pleased, had all my period symptoms after fitting as it was fitted on the first day of my period, I never actually had the bleed though and that's about it, I have been spotting for just over a week but I think that's quite a normal symptom. I haven't had any real pain and hope this continues, I'd recommend anyone to give it a go. I'm roughly the same situation as you 35 with no children but had always been on the pill previously just got to the stage where my period pains wiped my out, so felt I had to try it. This is my second mirena I had the first one taken out after 18mths as I thought I had pain from it, I now put this down to the endo. I would say it's something you need to get your head around a bit, you're fully covered for contraceptive purposes without having to think or do anything and not having a period is a massive bonus nut some what odd too. My first one settled quick to I think I had one proper period with that one and that was it. My tummy area feels so much better already withthis one.


I've had problem periods since i went on the pill around 15/16, didn't get diagnosed with endo till late 20s, always had painkillers (mefenamic acid/codeine/paracetamol, usually all at the same time...) worked very well, but found it didn't co-operate with work etc, being on a painkiller cloud doesn't help concentration. Tried all the pills going, couldn't cope with any of them. Had a lap a few years ago, diagnosed with very mild endo, surgeon recommended getting pregnant, not an option at the time. Think my follow up doc recommended the mirena as i was about to go back to uni. Thought about it for a while, and eventually decided to try it, wish i'd had it offered sooner, as i've never looked back. Some spotting, occasional 'periods', but to be honest, its more like bloody mucus, and by comparison, really not very much. I, like the other commenter, would recommend anyone try it, its changed my life significantly.


I am due to have another mirena fitted in 3 weeks earliest appointment I could get with my GP I will of had my next period. My reason for giving it another go is I was on the waiting list for a laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy for ovary pain and any old endo that I might of had I say this because 11 years ago I had a small amount but 5 years ago none was found during a routine lap but having been on the waiting list now for 15 weeks and no appointment due any time soon I have had a lot of time to think about what I am doing, anyway back to the mirena as you will be under anesthetiser when you have it inserted you won't feel a thing you might have some cramping when you wake I didn't with my last one which was inserted whilst under but with my first I did but this was inserted by my GP. Do expect a change in your cycle like irregular bleeding or spotting for a few months this is normal and it's your body adjusting. Hopefully you will notice the benefits but do give it a good 6 months. Best of luck to you :-)


Thanks still scared. I am a scardy cat. I do not need contracpation. I think in my head then I am not allowing myself to conceive and so far being childless but not using contracpation makes me know that its not like I am doing anything to stop having children.

I don't want IVF , I don't want my husband checked , I just like the situation I am in leaving it to nature. Now I wont..

Can any of you get your head round that.


Science grad I.am Having a general anesthetic ? I have no interest in contraception .


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