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Is it normal to still have alot of pain 6 days after operation?

Hi - I'm knew to this forum. I had my operation last week when the surgeons removed an ovarian cyst and endometriosis. After the operation, I told the surgeon that I had a lot of pain on my left side, she told me that there was more stitches on that side of my abdomen. The pain is subsiding every day but it's still very sore, particularly if I stand or walk for more than a minute. Is this normal? I visited my doctor today and he advised that I should move about as much as I can to enable healing. Normally pain is the body's signal to rest so I'm confused, is this just normal?

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I would say that is fairly normal it took me a good two weeks to recover after my operation, but if you are worried about the pain then always call your doctor but try taking ibuprofen to take down the swelling before you worry too much :)


Crumbs took me a lot longer than two weeks to be op pain free -closer to 4 months.

But i did have a big hole op, and lots of work done.

But at this stage yes it is normal and don't expect miracles- they very rarely happen.

3weeks or more recovery time is normal.

And it's a 10 week ban on going to the gym after gynae surgery ...so that really is more likely to be your target time. A couple of months for the stitched wounds to be knitted together and a bit more secure.

Overdoing things sooner will cause pain and set your recovery back.

Having said that - regular if painful pottering about the house will keep your circulation going and your bowels shifting and speed up your recovery too.

Just be gentle in what you do. Hold your tummy for support when you need to,

tuck a rolled up towel in to your tummy so you roll over it when sat on the loo to have a poo.

Your tummy muscles have taken a battering.

You have probably had quite a lot of burning done inside from laser or diathermy on the endo. That's quite deep burns and they will go through much the same healing process as severe sunburn on the back. Swelling pain, tightness, then peeling and intense itchyness which you canot get to scratch.

Bruises on the skin take over a week to clear up - same with the insides.

The stab wounds of lap holes will take a couple of weeks or more to be secure again.

Main this is keep active but gently. Take an hourly walk from the front door to the back door, or down the garden and back.

Then later head for the stairs if you have them and swap every hour between a stair climb and a level walk.

Drink plenty of water to aid healing and hydration and yes it will make you need more pees - but that's good exercise too.

Eventually progress to walking down the road and back - then to the park or shops and back. Not carrying too much in terms of shopping - that may be over doing things, but this is gradual activity which won't strain the wounds too much.


Yep, completely normal :) I had 3 weeks off work and pretty much had to lie/sit for most of that. Had to walk bent forward as I felt my insides were falling out and even now 8 months on, it feels tender from time to time (I do a lot of running) and I get the occasional stabbing pain when I sneeze. Take it easy and look after yourself :) x


Thanks for the replies! I'm definetely feeling much better since yesterday - 20 days since the operation, I was able to walk for 15 minutes yesterday without pain or discomfort. Saying that today, I was only able to manage 10 minutes before I had to stop so I'l just have to take it easy I suppose and not try to be too ambitious.


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