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F***ing endo


Life is shit!! I am so sick of this disease. I am currently doing teacher training and have been off sick for several weeks. Gynae totally useless have had to pay last two appts just so I could see him quickly. After MRI found scarring joining bowel and cervix now waiting for diagnostic laparoscopy

to see how easy it is to remove. Spoke to work and they want me to withdraw from the course as it is 'unfair' to expect them to wait for me to be better. So fed up with attitudes of people towards this illness. It just seems that its one thing after another and I don't know how much more I can take.

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That's a disgrace - that they want you to withdraw from the course. They are thinking of the unfairness being on them, and not thinking about YOU at all and how UNFAIR this is on you. I think you should tell them that. Explain to them that you have been unlucky enough to have this disease, let alone being stripped of your future - just because they don't want to give you time to have surgery.

I wonder, would they have the same attitude if this were a different disease? I am disgusted on your behalf.

You really need to plead with them to be patient and allow you time for treatment for this disease.

Sorry to hear this. It is just awful. I myself resigned from my career due to this disease and I kind of wish I hadn't given up so easily, but having said that, I'd been suffering for too many years and just reached the end of my tether with faking wellness, because I really wasn't well.

Are you on placement? The problem is that you need to complete a certain amount of days in order to pass, and if I remember rightly the minimum attendance doesn't leave much room for sickness. It doesn't seem fair on people who are sick but it's based on the amount of experience required. I am assuming you are on your second placement, could you speak to the university about possibly re- doing the placement in September and graduating later rather than withdrawing altogether? I really hope you get something sorted out x

I'm on a salaried school direct. If I can go back after easter I can finish my one placement and then do last one in September. This is what uni suggested but its the school that's creating the issue. They suggested i withdraw and reapply in September but can't guarantee a place. I'm so fed up with it all.

I too hate everyone's attitude towards this disease. They make It out as if we are complaining about period pain or something. They do not get that this thing we have in our bodies is really a non cancerous cancer. It is just as painful as C as my poor friend is dying of secondary cancer and she has the same pain and pain pattern as me, you and most of us on here. But the only difference is it kills you quicker. This thing we have when it gets hold it 'only' destroys our organs up as if goes along. Why people don't understand that we could possibly actually be in pain is beyond my understanding. X

You are so right. I think the problem is the pain is invisible and

us as woman have learnt to put on a fake smile and pretend everything is ok. I know for a fact I do especially in front of my two children. In fact only my partner knows how much agony I am in as

he has seen me in tears with it. I hide it from my parents as don't want to worry them but beginning to think I should let them see how bad I feel.

I know exactly how you feel Hun I got asked to withdraw from my placement in college coz of the time off. In the end I was going into college when I was really bad just to finish the work and get qualified. It's pathetic that because no one understands it or see it then to them it's just us moaning and thinking we have a low pain fresh hold. I have just had to leave another job and go back on the dole because of it and the women turned round and said I was too young to get endo as am 28. And when I told her I was 15 when diagnosed. It's like where fighting a loosing battle but Hun we need to keep fighting and not let it get to us :) x

Thats awful! I really hope you manage to get things sorted so you can finish your training, its awful that they are asking you to withdraw because of this disease. we can't help how endo effects us, nor can we help being off work for suffering.

good luck with everything I hope it all works out for you x

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