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Working with endometriosis


My endometriosis effects my legs. They make them painful and uncomfortable. By having a lacroscopy and having my endo removed it made my legs virtually pain free. However, now the pains are back and effecting my work. I spend 9 hours a day 5 days a week at work and the whole time I'm there i'm required to stand up and unable to sit down unless on my break. This is causing me so much pain and exhaustion it's made my performance drop dramatically at work and has caused me to have a lot of time off. I'm searching and applying for office work so I can be sat down. However, this is taking a long time to find a new job and I need to leave asap as it really effecting me mentally and physically. I'm wondering if I was to leave work due to not being able to do the job any more whilst I'm looking for my new job will I be entitled to any additional financial support? I can't afford to just be on job seekers allowance but I'm really struggling. Can anyone give me any advice?

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You could be entitled to disability living allowance - there are online governmental calcultors to see just how much you would be entitled to get when you are on job seekers. To be honest it would probably be better if your GP could sign you off work long term - you would get more from statutary sick pay for a while, but of course your employer won't be too happy at the prospect.

Your employer is duty bound to adapt the work place to suit your disability where they can...and if that means providing something to sit on or switching you to a post where you can be seated then they must do that under the Equality Act.

If such work can be found for you within the company. If you re in a union - then have a word with your union rep, and get a letter from your GP stating that for the time being you must be provided with work that can be done while seated.

If your employer cannot accommodate your disability then they will have to make you redundant and you would have to claim DLA and jobseekers till suitable work can be found.

I would contact Citizens Advice first,as an employer cant dismiss you through illness.You are entitled to statutory sick pay fromn your employer ad when this runs out you can apply for PIP( this is the new DLA)and also ESA ( Employment and support allowance)ESA caters for those unable to work due to illness and disability and yo are either put in the support group( ie considered unable to look for work) or into work related activity group)There is a lot of bad press re the work related activity group eg you have to attend interviews ,apply for jobs etc but the job centre staff can be very helpful and can help you access a more suitable job.

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