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I am 19 and have been in and out of the doctors for the past two years, firstly with extreme tiredness then very painful periods/ depression and over the last month or so it has been constant bladder irritation and pain after sex. I hadn't before last week put any link between these symptoms until my doctor mentioned Endometriosis. He has referred me to the hospital for an ultrasound scan. I was just wondering is this the normal first step? If it shows up nothing is there another way they can test for it?

Thank you for your help!!

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Take a look at our getting diagnosed page and fact sheets


There are also lots of other publications on our website that you will find useful


Including a pain and symptoms diary which is ideal to fill I and take along to any appointments you have.

Good luck with your upcoming appointment.

All the best



Hi, I've recently been in and out of hospital with severe abdo pain, they did 2 ultra sounds on me which they said were clear. After a 3rd admission to hospital they reluctantly did a laparoscopy which showed I had many cysts on both ovaries and endometriosis. I knew I had poly cystic so that was not a surprise to me, however, it just goes to prove that scans aren't good to use as a diagnosis. I wud see what the scan comes back with and if it's all clear but your problems persist. I would demand further tests to be done. I hope u get some answers soon as the not knowing is the worst bit. Good luck xx


Hi! My story is fairly similar to yours. I'm 26 and been diagnosed in the last few months. Firstly I saw my GP about very painful periods and bladder pain and blood in urine. I was treated with antibiotics as they thought I had a uti, but also referred me for ultrasound scan. I'm fortunate to work in radiology so had the scan done straight away. Anyway cut a long story short...they picked up a nodule of endo between my bladder and uterus on u/s and sent me for MRI, again I had that done pretty quick. So after all the scans they felt sure it was endo but had to have a laparoscopy and cystoscopy(bladder camera) to say for sure. So all that was done in Jan, and confirmed that I have endo inside my bladder. I'm fairly lucky that I don't have any active disease around or on my ovaries, uterus or tubes, as conceiving is now our priority. My tubes are all open...thank god!!! I'm seeing my bladder consultant next week to see what he suggests, but I'm told the bladder endo shouldn't effect my fertility too much.

So I think you're probably on the right road to getting some answers, an u/s will only show denser nodules (like mine) or cysts on your ovaries. If you have any of these then next port of call should be MRI and to definitively diagnose endo a laparoscopy should done, and biopsies taken. Chances are your scan will look normal, but like the other ladies have said don't give up, your symptoms sound like endo and you should be referred to a gynae specialist sooner rather than later.

I know this all sounds very serious and scary but I guarantee the not knowing is far worse, once you are diagnosed then you can face it, and sort out a treatment plan that works for you. Good luck with everything. Xxx


Endo very rarely shows up on an ultrasound or MRI, it is more likely to show through a laparoscopy. Unless you have very severe Endo it won't show unfortunately, do be prepared that they might ask you to have an internal ultrasound. Hope it goes well and keep us updated :)

Leya x


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