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I'm 33 and after 6mths off work with chronic abdominal pain I have been told I probably have Endo - Does it get better?

I have been round the house over the years and simply suffered in silence until this outburst where the pain is so bad 24/7 that I am unable to work. I have been told I have 2 Endo Cysts, one on each ovary and I'm book in for surgery beginning of April.

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Yes it does get better. Did they say big the cysts are?

I had 7 cysts removed yesterday, the largest one was just over 9cm in diameter on my right ovary. They where all removed by key hole surgery yesterday evening, I'm now home and recovering. If nothing else I feel 2 stone lighter, lol.

I now need to swot up on hormone treatment to stop the endo coming back, and I have altered my diet ( no dairy products etc) to give myself every fighting chance of being endo free, if there is such a thing

At the end of the day you can't go on like this, surgery is scary, but the best thing. Good luck with it all xx


Thank you! I'm not to sure how big as I have had 5 MRIs over that last 6mths and the info is not consistent but somewhere between 2-5cm. I think I will also be getting a 6mth course of hornmones - all depending on what they see in surgery. I'm also seeing a pain specialist and psychologist - I have to say that whilst it has taken I long time to get to this point I do feel looked after, my GP is amazing! I wish you well with your recovery!


I had my first surgery (laparoscopy) yesterday and it was fine. I couldn't have an easier experience quite honestly. I went alone (all the other girls had partners with them) but I was fine. The nurses were wonderful and looked after me brilliantly and kept asking me how I was. The surgeon was very bright and bubbly when she came to see me and said she was very sure that she had got to the cause of my pain - endo enflaming my uterus that needed burning off. She burnt off a membrane over an ovary too. I was in so much pain back in December I was signed off work until I found a combination of tramadol/paracetemol/mefanamic acid and omperazole (very good cos helps your tummy cope with the anti-inflammatories) worked for me.. and was then able to return to work til my surgery yesterday. I'm a school teacher so it's not been a bed of roses but having the endo diet and getting early nights got me through. I'm now sat up on the sofa catching up on some marking. There is light at the end of the tunnel....... and you will be fine. Good thoughts, Jo x


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