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Cysts plus endometriosis

Hi everyone. Im 24. Originally i went to the doctors with complaints about pains in my stomach and irregular bleeding. After weeks of being told I had possible IBS they finally agreed to do an ultrasound. This showed i had gallstones (hence the pain in my stomach) and also an 8cm cyst on my left ovary. I was referred to a specialist and after waiting 2 months they performed another ultrasound. This one showed that the cyst was now only 4 cm, but there was now another 2 cysts in the same ovary around 3-4 cm big, also 3 smaller cysts in my right ovary and i also had endometriosis. After considering the best methods, i've decided to go ahead with an operation. Im now in alot of pain. Im taking the contoraceptive pill to stop my monthly periods so to avoid more pain. They have told me they will remove the larger of the cysts and attempt to burn away the other cysts plus endometriosis. They have also said because of the size of the cyst there is a risk to losing one of my ovaries. I would like to hear from anyone who has gone through a similar situation and how it has effected them. Im very concerned about fertility as i do hope to have kids one day.

Thank you for any help/advice.

S x

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Hi Stacks Ive been through both.

Gall Bladder removal - fantstic -once the lap op holes were heled - zero pain at ll, after 8 years of it. The worst was the long wait for surgery once the stones had been found.

I had just over 1 year wait - and that was 13 I think years ago.

It my be an even longer wait these days - but so worth it.

Now for the more complex issue.

I went in for a lap to remove an 8cm cysts from the right ove and a 5-6 cm angry cyst on the left. Ovarian Cancer was 1st suspected so I was fast tracked to surgery.

Woke up and they had found severe endo and adhesions everywhere (which after 29 years of endo is no surprise to me).

Had a lot of work done in that op which I won't go in to now, but

Left Ovary and clear fallopian tube were both taken out as the ovary was entangled in the cyst. Since the recovery which was a long one, Zero pain of any sort on the left side of me. Success !!!

Right side ovary had the 8cm cyst. cyst was removed, ovary unstuck from between bladder and bowel (ordinarily not possible - but I have internal deformities, and that ovary was saved.

I had the mirena coil put in to stop my periods which it did, and since then have had one new cyst grow on the remaining ovary which burst, and shortly after a new one developed - or it may be the same old one that just refilled up again because they can do that.

It is still there and still giving me mild problems (nothing on the scale of period cramps or endo) and mangeable pain.

The ovary was shut down with zoladex after the big op - I do NOT recommend you do this- it does nothing for endo and quite honestly you would be much better off just putting up with periods and pain killers than risking all the side effects some of which never leave you.

So just don't bother with GnRH drugs - at least not without reading up all you can and making very informed decision based on your own circumstances.

Even with cysts - ovaries can still function. but the risk of getting them is high and removing one is going to half the chance of cysts and certainly keep one side of you free from trouble.

You only need one to be producing ovas to be in with chance of having baby - either naturally or with IVF or other assisted means.

No I haven't had kids - the deformities down below scotched that plan - not the endo.

side from the current cyst- nd being free from periods - i have very little pain down below at all. Surgery was a long journey to get through being an open hole op - but there is light t the end of the tunnel, and it gets brighter as each day passed.

I'm very pleased with the outcome..... eventually.


Thank you very much for your reply. Was really helpful. I'd never even heard of endo before a couple months ago. Glad theyre raising awareness this month on tv! They recommended the coil for me to, said they would put it in whilst i was having the lap but ive changed my mind about it. Im going to stick with the contraceptive pill and if that doesn't prevent it coming back i may reconsider. Ovarian cancer was suspected for me too, the checks came back all positive a few weeks ago which was a huge relief. It was a battle at first to get them to test for it with me being quite young. Did you wait long for your lap appointment? I was told 6 weeks however that was 2 months ago. Really glad you got sorted in the end :) x


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