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Free Reflexology Treatments

Free Reflexology Treatments

I'm studying reflexology and I have Endometriosis. I would like to create a study on Endometriosis and the effects of reflexology.

I live in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. I have a space in Hitchin to practise. Please pass this on and either contact me here or on m.facebook.com/pages/Monoca...

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks

Monique Blackham

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Wow wish I lived near you, just been for reflexology this afternoon and it was wonderful.x


Good luck, reflexology helped me cope with my symptoms. Amazing how my reflexologist could tell what was going in in my body from my feet. She could always tell when I'd been to stay with my parents as they ate white bread which affected my bowel symptoms of endo, even though I hadn't said anything!


Hi Monique,

I have just moved to hertfordshire, and would be interested in this if you are still looking for endometriosis girls to practise on? I don't know anybody in the area, and also wonder if you are able to give me any advice on treatment - are there any endo specialists in hertfordshire? x


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