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I had a vaginal dissection and bowel adhesiolysis last September and the pain is back with a vengeance

Last September I has the top inch of the vagina removed, although he couldn't remove from the right hand side as my bladder was stuck firm to it and my bowel adhesions seperated and removed but for the last few weeks the pain and swelling has crept back in. I'm exhausted and finding work a struggle, it was hoped that the operation would help with reducing the pain during intercourse but on the 2 attempts we've made we've had to stop because the pains had me in tears and the pain goes on for days, we try to be intimate in other ways so that its not all about intercourse but my husband is getting frustrated and I feel awful about it all. I've also developed a bulge down below but when I spoke to the gp was told to wait for my follow up in April as the consultant would know more, I just feel so miserable with it all, sorry to moan on.

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I was told to either have the 6 Depro levium shots to push me through mena pause. Im in menopause by after the oblation was done and a poly removed, its been great for the last 5 yrs. NOW it aching and uteris linin is swollen up again like before I had the laparoscopy. Im in throbbing pain front and back, like Im trying to have a period. I have bled in 5 yrs, but this pain in bloaty and hurts. Utra sound showed part of the endo is connected to the bowel what I want to know is , 2 different doctors sAId the same thing., wait it out.... since Im already in menopause so I waitin after the oblation, now 5 yrs she said the lining of my uteris is swollen up again.

Its quite painful. If she did surgery she said she would have to call in a surgeion while she diid the hysterectomy

I don't understand, Endo has apparently continued to grow, which was the whole reason for having the oblation, not true. HELP!!!!!!!! Is it a dangerous operation to have a piece of your small intestine removed?? Is it a final fix. We are done having kids so that's not an issue. What is the timeframe of doing that disconnection along with hysterectomy? Will my bowels feel better. And why go surgery route if it could come back, Please let me know if you've every had to do a surgery like that. Sounds scary.. Help me if you've had to disconnext one little thing of endro... I don't know wheter to get the 3 shots which will make me tigher.

Is that a diffult surgery HELP anyone.


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