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Can CA 125 still be high though cyst is gone??

Hi, I'm 43 peri menopausal and have adenomyosis. My gyn found a cyst at my previous visit. He prescribed pills (hormone) that I had to take for 14 days. Caused longer and heavier period. On day 4 of my cycle (I still had my period) he did some blood work and also had CA 125 checked. Turned out to be very high 337! At last exam cyst was gone though. He (and another doc who specializes in laparoscopy) were perplexed as they still expected cyst to be there due to my high level. Both of them couldn't explain why level was still high. So he took another blood work and sent me home with any information!! Haven't got result back yet. I'm so worried as I had no clue what CA 125 was before he made the test.

Can it be that level is still high or even higher due to having adenomyosis or should it have gone down now due to the fact that cyst is gone??

I appreciate every answer that gives me some advice! Thanks!!

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I was told by my doctor that any internal inflammation can affect a CA125 reading. Even though your cyst has gone it maybe could be the adenomyosis causing the reading. I would get back in touch with your doctor and ask if this could be the case of whether he is checking out other inflammation causing conditions such as Endo. I hope you get your answer soon. X


Hi mine get high to I had 2 cysts but the gyne told me they are generally high in women who have endo any way and take time to settle after cysts have gone.


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