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endometrioma same with endometriosis ?

Hi Ladies I am Reese 29 I diagnosed last Dec.2013 with 2 ovarian cysts size 10&7 cm. called endometrial polyp & endemetriomas, I do research about symptoms of all kinds of cysts all symptoms of endometriosis I have my question are endometrioma cyst same with endometriosis? my symptoms are feeling bloated,swelling in my lower abdomen, off on fever,back pain,dizziness,tiredness,feeling full even I eat little,dysmenorrhea,heartburn,last 5 weeks diarhea sometimes, I have pain for 2 months I have done MRI scan & blood test I waiting for appointment for surgery again :(

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All different.

Endometrioma is a tumour or cyst which fills with blood instead of any other liquids. Much like a giant blood blister.

The source of the bloodmight come from a patchof endometriosis - but not necessarily.

You can have endometriomas and not have any other signs of endo lesions growing anywhere they are not supposed to be. Oryou can have endo lesions in any quantity and not have an endometrioma.

You might have both endometriosis and endometriomas.

endometriomas might be like a balloon on the end of a stalk. Or might be directly attached to an ovary (usually) or even growing around an ovary. They might be moveable - but usualy they get caught up in a web of adhesions and get stuck to at least one other organ but sometimes several as they grow bigger.

They can be drained - they can be removed, they can also refill and grow again. They can burst just like any cysts can, but due to the size of them if and when they do burst - it is sheer agony and if that happens get youself to A&E as soon as you can get there. No pain relief you have at home will be enough - the pain is top of the pain scale for any medical issues. Sudden and paralysing pain.

Endometriosis is a specific cell type that normally makes up the cells on the inside of the uterus - they are designed to shed their covers each monthly cycle which opens up a little wound that bleeds (a period) - only they are on the move and they can settle anywhere else and do the same thing - shedding their cover and bleeding from whatever else they are growing on - only there is no where for the bleeding to escape to,so it lands on nearby tissues irritating then causing them to hurt (endo pain) and they grow defensive scar tissue called adhesions to protect themselves and adhesions just have no idea when enough is enough - they don't stop growing and they are sticky and eventually they stick to nearby tissues and organs and they old them like really tough glue.

A polyp is a growth of a fingery shaped thing - usually this grows from certain cell types. Polyps can grow as skin tags, cervical tags, bowel and intestinal tags and endometrial tags (growing inside the uterus) etc. Nothing to do with endo. But generally the Docs like to remove them and check them because a teeny tiny number are malignant - but that is so rare. Most of the time they either are no problem at all and you probably don't feel them or know they are there without a scan. They can be troublesome if they bleed (they can actually fall off too) or they block the cervix of obstruct the digestive system. Most of the time they are no bother and can safely stay where they are.

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Hi thanks for information I think my endometriosis is stage IV because of pain & symptoms I have surgery done last May 2011 removed my right fallopian tubed I didn't expect that cysts came back & worse I have pain since my 1st period at age of 13 3days in bed I ignored the pain because I don't have Idea about cysts..now I have so much pain I can't ignore getting worsen & I am still waiting for second surgery I read no cure for endo is that right?I hate this disease ......


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