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Do I have Endo ?

Hi everyone

This may be a little longer winded but please bear with me. I have been suffering for 3 years now and I have had enough. It all started with reocurring thrush, every month exactly 10 days before my period. I have been on everything under the sun , and nothing seems to keep it away. Within that time my periods have gotten heavier and now I pass a a lot 'skin like' substance, especially in the bath. I suffer with really bad period pain and pain when I am ovulating ( at least that's what my doctor says it is) weird thing is its always the same side. I suffer numerous UTI's with kidney pain. Oh and also Sex is very painful, especially too deep. I've been to a gyno , and he didn't seem to know .. or care. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Ive probably missed a lot off, so feel free to ask any questions.

Thanks for your comments lady's xxx

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Did they scan you to check for ovarian cysts or fibroids? If they didn't you should ask you GP to arrange a scan. while it wont be likely to spot any endo - it can certainly rule out many other condition which can cause similar symptoms, as your are not specifically endo related.

After that - if you can't pursuade the Gynae to investigate further and this is happening when you hve bad periods then you need to instigate period control - either going on the pill back to back for 3 months to reduce the number of periods you have in a year, or more long term easures like the mirena coil to try and stop periods for up to 5 years.

It will help - if you do have endo - and if you don't.

The stringy periods are lining which is not breaking down like it used to. It made just be a sign of getting older - or it could be the result of an issue in the uterus itself like fibroids. But is not endo related. The heavy periods and the painful sex might possiby be endo related - but again there other things that caan cause that too.

It is bit vague - but at th same time it is impcting your quality of life so should be investigated and then you need to take steps to not have to put up with it so often.

Even if endo is diagnosed and treated it won't stop sex pain, nor will it radically change how your menstrual lining sheds each month - unless you address that separately to surgery by undertaing menstrual manageent yourself.

Good Luck getting this resolved - and definitey push for an ultrasound to mke sure there is nothing really obvious gong on inside the womb that would explain this.


Hi there,

I'm no expert but have been recently diagnosed with Endometriosis so have done a of of reading about it over the last few months.

But wanted to share with you my experience with thrush and UTIs.

I also used to suffer with them both regular, I now avoid baths and harsh soaps and shower instead while using gentle organic washes and make sure I rinse very well without being to aggressive too. I also avoid refined sugars and wheat where possible... Since doing this I can't remember the last time I had thrush. Also, make sure you treat your partner, he may not have any symptoms but can pass it back to you each time. Re the UTI. I had endo tissue around the urinary area and bladder which my consultant thought may be causing/contributing to it. I drink tonns of water to try to avoid it, but since having my op to remove it 8 weeks ago (touch wood) I haven't had a single bout.

So, perhaps the UTI and painful sex may be related to endo but perhaps not the thrush.

I would definately persist, explain to your GP how it is interfering with your life and ask to see an alternative gynaecologist. It look me several years of suffering with all the symptoms of Endo without knowing what it was, going back and forth to the GP and getting fobbed off until finally last year a GP joined the dots and referred me. Still healing but finally see the light.

Good luck. xxx


Thankyou Impatient for your reply. In answer to your question I have had an internal scan, whilst having this the nurse said ' oh this is your most painful side right' however then turned around and said it was all normal. So I am not sure how she knew that was my painful side. However I think this examination would have ruled out fibroid's

Tasha - thankyou also for your reply. All of your thrush advice I have been doing anyway apart from avoiding refined sugars and wheat, as the thrush always comes at exactly the same time I;m not sure its anything I'm doing or eating.

It is completely impacting my quality of life , Missing time off work and I have practically 0 sex life ( I'm only 19 !!!) I forgot to mention a few things in my original post about painful bowl movements when I am on my period which feels like a chronic period cramp. And also my constant lethargy. Not sure if those things are related either.

Thanks again xxx


I'm not sure about the thrush I've just been told I've got endo but 20 years ago was told I've got pcos which the symptoms are a lot like what you have been having? good luck


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