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Ivf it it comes to i only have enough money for two goes at it any success stories on the first or second attempt?

At the moment both tubes are blocked had endo but all gone:) getting referred this month to birminghams womens fertily clinic to start the ball rolling, so scared never thought I would have to go through this:( I'm 27 only thing wrong now is blocked tubes me and my hubby have a son he's 11 year old this year, can anyone share some light???

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Hi, I'm sorry to hear your in same position as me, are your tubes hydrosalpinx? Ie filled with fluids or just blocked? I'm asking because I have to fund ivf too and hydrosalpinx can stop ivf from working so I have just had mine removed to make sure we have I've also had endo removed and still recovering so not ready to move on to ivf yet but we have had all the tests done and we are hopeful. We are likely to only try once or twice depending on the money side which is hard but true. Anyway I'm 36 so classed as too old so won't get funding.

So having blood tests etc done at hospital free will keep a little cost down!

The other thing i wanted to share with you is that my cousin had ivf. First cycle didn't work but they had frozen emb so tried a second time with these and she's just announced she's pregnant with twins!!! This has given me a bit of hope and I hope it gives you hope too! Good luck xx


Hi lillyflower:)

Thank for replying its nice to have someone to talk to that understands:) well I had my lap done on 27/12/13 and was told that my right fallopion tube appeared normal but just blocked and my left appeared slightly dilated which she said could have hydrosalpinx in it and that the dye only went half way, so I'm not really sure I have a appointment again tomorrow in the morning to go over it all as I was half a sleep when my surgeon come over to speak to me, thats fantastic news for your cousin and does give me some comfort, but apart from my tubes she said everything else lookes perfect:) I hope you get better soon chick you never now we may go through ivf toghter;) x


That's good, well I'm sure they will explain more at your appointment, but I would remove any hydrosalpinx before ivf if they ask you as if the fluid leaks it is toxic to embryo so I personally would want to have best chance especially if your self funding with limited chances . Don't panic they can do it by lap if needed or it may be that it's not that bad, it's only cause both mine were grossely swollen I've read up a lot about it!

While I was waiting for op they tested my egg reserve with blood test and hubby has to do sampletoo. My results were good which was good news as iI'd had surgery before on ovary I was concerned but that keeps me hopeful too. I hope you get good results too and I know my sister's friend had very low levels and it still worked so what keeps me going at the moment is to just keep hopeful! Have you readabout ava system? IIt's where they photograph embryos was in the news. They can now get higher success rates. If you look at Wessex fertility there's loads of info.

I have at least 6 months to recover first as had laparotomy but hoping we can start to look into it more soon. Good luck and let me know how you get on xx


Just to add I was watching Tina Malone on this morning today and she had ivf at 50 and today was holding her new baby flame! She used donar eggs but otherwise was healthy and it worked first time! So that must give you hope! If she can do it at 50 there's hope for us too! X


Hi yes it cheered me up watching how happy she was and a great success story to anyone who hasn't had the best odds for it working!! I'm Getting there! Ventured to shops for a couple of hours which was nice but spent last 2 days with bad hip leg pains so 2 days back on sofa to recover! Can't believe how long it's taking but at least improveing now thanks!


Hi Lilly flower:) sorry been at work all day:( but thank you for your post really has cheered me up:) we will get there i know it;) went to the doctors today he said they are not concerned at all about my tubes he's sorting out my referral letter to get me on to ivf so getting so where now, so ivf. Is the way forward so excited but so scared at the same time, it's good that you got yourself out and about a bit of normality helps you feel better even if it for a few hours hope you bought yourself something nice:) xxx


That's great news! I'm glad to hear you're getting refered and my cousin told me all the injections etc weren't as bad as she expected and said she found it all ok. So hopefully you'll be telling me the same too soon! Have a look on itv player and watch Tina it will make you smile!

Yes I'm gradually feeling better just nice to get out, unfortunately cause I had laparotomy it's a long healing process while my tummy muscles mend along with the surgery healing inside. Well I'm much better than I was so just got to take it easy which means day time tv for a bit longer yet! Lol x


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