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Hi I'm wondering if anyone can answer me... I had a baby 10 months ago and had DEPO to don't get pregnant again but this last month I didn't

Get it and had a bad period but just yesterday I started having some pain in my lower back the right side I had some pain killers but I noticed the pain went in the lower abdomen now and it hurts when I urinate,walk or even sit could that be enometriois some one please help.. thank you

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I would go to the doctors. It could be a urinary infection if it hurts you to wee. Best to get it checked out by a doctor I think. Best of luck! Bokkie X


Have you been diagnosed with endo? If not then could you describe in detail what is happening and then I'd be able to say whether or not it sounds like endo, if some symptoms you dont want public then you can pm me if you like, will be happy to help :) x


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